© 2014 Diego Minciacchi, Florence, Italy.   Developed for: Sound-Light Constructs

© 2014 Diego Minciacchi, Florence, Italy. Developed for: Sound-Light Constructs

Created by maverick composers Diego Minciacchi (Italy) and James Clapperton (Norway/Scotland),  Sound-Light Constructs is about extremes: the winter darkness and the midnight sun, the beauty and the cruelty of nature, and the fine line between solitude and isolation. From neurological inquiry, to diary entries by arctic concentration camp prisoners, Sound-Light Constructs illustrates life in the north like you’ve never heard before. 

Sound-Light Constructs is commissioned by AJO ensemble through the support of the Arts Council Norway. Sound-Light Constructs is presented in cooperation with GAMO Artistic Direction, Italy.


Diego Minciacchi, composer

James Clapperton, composer & piano, AJO ensemble

Mariano Bàino, poet

Cecilia Bello Minciacchi, narrator

Elisabeth Kristensen Eide, flute, AJO ensemble

Kristin Alsos Strand, cello, AJO ensemble

Jennifer Torrence, percussion, AJO ensemble