Composers James Clapperton and Diego Minciacchi, and narrator Cecilia Bello Minciacchi.  Making plans over dinner for The Counterpoint Project: Italy (2016).  Florence, 2014. 


The Counterpoint Project: Russia, Arnt Håkon Ånesen (left) and Sergej Newski (right) composed Kjærligheten <3, an evening length composition for AJO ensemble and Pro Arte eNsemble (St. Petersburg, Russia) featuring sopranos Silje Aker Johnsen and Natalia Pschenitschnikova, and accordionist Sergej Tchirkov.





The Counterpoint Project: Iceland, Hilmar Thordarson is commissioned by AJO ensemble with support of the Art Council Norway for a 45 minute composition for chamber ensemble, video, and electronics entitled, Hljóðs bið ek (Um ljod bed jeg alle).










CAVE productions is a creative production company that works to promote the arts, develop and disseminate.

creation - audio - vision - environment music

CAVE hosts a series in Norway for new music and new modes of expression, where AJO ensemble regularly contributes.

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Leah Asher is a violinist, violist, composer, and visual artist.  She is a permanent member of the Bodø Sinfonietta and a collaborator with AJO ensemble. In November 2013, Jennifer Torrence and Leah will tour North Norway and Stockholm with a production including works from Keiko Harada, Charlotte Seither, Helmut Lachenmann, Christian Wolff, and Leah Asher.